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Do you play without worries?

One year of insurance only for the value of 1 average green fee in a Portuguese golf course.

Golf is the only game that makes you feel good about scoring low on a regular basis, but ACP Golfe insurance offers a comprehensive package specifically for golfers that is consistently above par.

Golf is a great sport, but can be quite expensive if your clubs and other equipment are lost or stolen. If you add to this the risks of having to pay out substantial damages if a loose swing causes injury to someone on the course, then golf insurance is definitely something you should have in your golf bag.

ACP Golfe insurance will not take 5 strokes out of your game but it is an exceptional value for money insurance package exclusively designed to meet the needs of individual golfers.

The ACP Golfe Insurance is exclusive to ACP Golfe Members.

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Liability Insurance

We know the advice: “hit ‘em hard. They’ll land somewhere.”Yes but where? If you are not sure, and you land in trouble, we will cover you for accidental property damage belonging to a third party, or for accidental death or bodily injury to your ‘caddy’ or other persons on the golf course - while playing golf or practicing or through any defect in the golf equipment.

Personal accidents

Provide benefits in the event that you suffer accidental death or permanent disablement according to the scale listed in the policy.

Golfing equipment

We will cover you for accidental loss of or damage to golf clubs, golf bags and other golfing equipment including whilst these are in transit. This also includes breakage of a golf club during play. The policy, however, does not cover golf balls during play, or self-propelled caddy cars.

Hole in one

We all know that man blames fate for other accidents but feels personally responsible for a hole in one! In the event that you score a hole in one before two witnesses during a game on any regulation golf course, we will pay a customary cash amount for the ‘nineteenth hole’ expense.

Who can benefit from golf insurance?

This protection can be used by golfers aged between 16 and 70 years old, with the age limit for staying in the insurance being 75 years.

Swing, chip and putt with ACP Golfe Insurance, your best friend on the golf course


ACP Golfe Insurance
Liabilities Ideal  VIP 
Accidental death or permanent disablement 25.000€ 50.000€
Personal accident / Hospital cover 2.500€ 5.000€
Caddy accident / Hospital cover 500€ 1.000€
Travelling / Baggage Golf 500€ 1.000€
Golf Equipment 750€ 1.250€
Personal liability 25.000€ 50.000€
Caddy liability 5.000€ 10.000€
Club entry fees 500€ 1.000€
Hole in one 250€ 500€
Total Value Year 35,71€ 69,15€
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