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Portuguese Golf Federation statement

The medical-sports examination is mandatory, demanded by law for all who wish to join federations with sporting public utility and want to participate in competitions organized by the Portuguese Golf federation.

The medical-sports exam is a requirement for all members, or that they intend to join, and it must be presented at the time of registration with the FPG.

This medical exame is essential for:

  • Mandatory to participate in competitions organized by the Portuguese Golf Federation (exclusively)
  • All members, or who intend to join, in the Portuguese Golf Federation and want to participate in FPG competitions and enjoy the insurance included in the FPG quota must perform a sports exam.

Thus, it is necessary to clarify all affiliates, or who wish to affiliate, in the Portuguese Golf Federation that:

  • The sports-medical examination can be performed at the Sports Medicine Centre’s, but also by any physician. As a rule, no specialization or special medical qualifications are required for the general sports’ medical assessment exam.
  • To carry out the medical and sports exam you must have the following form
  • The medical decision must be on the form, otherwise it will be ineffective.
  • The sports medical exam is valid annually and must be renewed in the month corresponding to the birthday of the holder.
  • Acceptance of sports insurance by the policyholder depends on the completion of the sports-medical examination.

To sum up, ACP Golfe must warn its members of this important legal obligation.

We remind you that the Sports Medical Exam may be done as follows:

  • Sports Medicine Center
  • By any doctor
  • In one of 30 ACP delegations with an ACP doctor partner
  • It is mandatory to have an electrocardiogram performed less than 6 months ago.

To facilitate the process for your associates, you may be assisted by a doctor on any ACP delegation.
To do so, you must make an appointment by email [email protected] or by phone 213180107 (9am to 6pm) and choose the delegation that is most convenient for you.
It has a cost of 25 €.

Contact us and make an appointment for consultation with a doctor in one of the ACP delegations.

Download the form here and return only from the detachable sports medical exam reserved for the Federation (as noted on the upper left side of the form).


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